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Review on ThePokies 85 Australia Reviews

ThePokies85 Casino Review: An In-depth Analysis Based on Real Australian Player Experiences. The online gambling scene in Australia is vibrant and diverse, offering players a plethora of choices for their betting needs. ThePokies 85 is one such platform that has garnered attention among Australian players. In this comprehensive review, we analyze Pokies 85 Casino through the lens of real user experiences, detailing how we rank the casino, provide answers to frequently asked questions, list fast facts, and conclude with a final rating.

How We Rank The Pokies 85 Australia casino

Expanded Ranking Methodology for Casino. Our comprehensive evaluation of The Pokie Casino is meticulously designed to provide an unbiased and detailed assessment. By incorporating concrete data, numbers, and a wider range of ranking factors, we aim to offer a clear and thorough analysis of the casino's performance across various dimensions critical to the player experience.

Licensing and Legitimacy purports to operate under a license granted by the Curacao Gaming Authority, with License No. 1668/JAZ prominently displayed. However, our independent efforts to confirm the authenticity of this license have been inconclusive, leading to questions about the casino's regulatory compliance and the security of user data and funds. This ambiguity significantly impacts our assessment of the platform's trustworthiness.

Game Variety

With a diverse portfolio of games from 22 esteemed providers such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and Pragmatic Play, offers a rich and varied gaming experience. The selection encompasses over 1700 titles, including slots, live dealer games, table games like roulette and blackjack, and innovative game mechanics such as Megaways. This extensive range is a strong point, ensuring that there's something for every type of player.

Player Feedback and TrustScore

Analyzing player feedback from Trustpilot reveals a TrustScore of 2 out of 5, based on 154 reviews. While 25% of reviews are positive, highlighting aspects like high withdrawal limits and a diverse game selection, a significant majority express dissatisfaction. Common grievances include limited responsible gaming features, non-responsive customer service, and an outdated website interface. This feedback is crucial in understanding the player experience and areas needing improvement.

Payment Methods and Withdrawal Limits supports various payment options, including VISA, Mastercard, and bank transfer, alongside high withdrawal limits of A$9,000 per day and A$270,000 per month. These limits are favorable compared to industry standards, especially for high-stakes players. However, the effectiveness and efficiency of processing these transactions are equally important, aspects that are closely scrutinized in player reviews.

Customer Support and Responsiveness

Customer support is a vital aspect of any online casino's service, with responsiveness being a key concern for players.'s support system, including Live Chat, Email, and a Telegram group, is meant to offer multiple avenues for assistance. Despite this, numerous accounts from users highlight significant delays and unresponsiveness, particularly concerning withdrawal inquiries and technical issues, which negatively impact our rating.

Additional Ranking Factors

  • Website Usability and Design: An intuitive and user-friendly interface is essential for a positive user experience.'s website design, described by some as outdated, suggests a need for modernization to improve navigation and aesthetic appeal.
  • Responsible Gaming Features: The availability and effectiveness of responsible gaming tools are crucial for player safety. The casino's limited options in this area raise concerns about its commitment to player welfare.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: offers a range of bonuses, including welcome offers and daily promotions. The value and fairness of these bonuses, including wagering requirements, are considered in our evaluation.
  • Transparency and Fairness: Transparency regarding terms, conditions, and bonus policies is fundamental. The casino's clarity in communicating these aspects influences our assessment of its fairness and player respect.

Overview Reviews from trustpilot

ThePokies 85 has become a topic of discussion among Australian online casino enthusiasts, with reviews highlighting a spectrum of experiences. With an overall rating of 1.8 based on 154 reviews, the feedback is mixed, with a notable distribution across different star ratings:

  • 5-star: 25%
  • 4-star: 1%
  • 3-star: 6%
  • 2-star: 5%
  • 1-star: 63%

This detailed examination delves into the nuances behind these numbers, featuring direct quotes and experiences shared by players.

Player Experiences

At Thepokies85, customer experiences with their online casino platform are consistently not positive, backed by a wealth of data and real player testimonials. The platform boasts an impressive collection of over 1,600 pokies, ranging from classic slots to live dealer options, ensuring there's something to suit every player's taste and preference. Here are the most liked comments about Thepokies reviews on the TrustPilot site.

Positive Feedback

Dada Doodle from AU, rated 5 out of 5 stars (Jan 22, 2024):

"Good games and fast payment. I had winning of 2000 and got my payment no problem at all..."

Beau McGowan, 5 stars (Oct 2, 2022):

"Cannot fault these guys...Won over 200k and happily withdrawing 9k every day which takes 2-3 hours to hit my bank account!"

Mixed Feelings

Dre, 3 stars (Jan 24, 2024):

"Hey guy's I have received my first withdrawal from the just waiting on my second withdrawal now..."

Darren, 3 stars (Jan 30, 2024):

"Finally received my winnings took almost 2 weeks I withdrew 999 and finally landed yesterday."

Negative Experiences

Ibbyyyy, 1 star (Jan 29, 2024):

"I have been waiting for my withdrawals for 6 business days and yet still haven’t received anything."

Steve, 1 star (Jan 11, 2024):

"SCAM!!! Money vanished suddenly...should’ve known better as their first big red flag is the lack of CONTACT SUPPORT."

Scammed, 1 star (Jan 20, 2024):

"The positive reviewers are bots. Money goes missing. Sometimes payouts dont work."

Concerns About Support and Transparency

George Soliman, 1 star (Jan 14, 2024):

"Tried multiple times reach so stuck in limbo basically no money and waiting for a member that I assume does not exist to contact me."

Sheriden Scott, 1 star (Jan 16, 2024):

"SCAM??? or please explain where my money has disappeared to?...conveniently the live chat has disappeared."

Issues with Deposits and Withdrawals

J C, 1 star (Dec 9, 2023):

"Do not deposit at have messaged them multiple times and they will not respond to my messages."

Suze Albert, 1 star (Dec 15, 2023):

"Deposited money not credited not refunded...9 days waiting still no sign of the money and live chats no help."

The player reviews of ThePokies 85 offer a window into the varied experiences of its user base. While some players like Beau McGowan report significant wins and swift withdrawals, a considerable number express dissatisfaction, particularly regarding support and the reliability of transactions. These firsthand accounts serve as valuable feedback for potential players and the casino itself, indicating areas for improvement in transparency, customer support, and the efficiency of withdrawal processes.

Overview Reviews from CasinoGuru 

The Pokies85 Casino's safety and reliability have come under scrutiny due to unverified licensing, customer support issues, and a series of player complaints, especially concerning withdrawals and account management. While some players have had positive experiences, the presence of unresolved high-value complaints and the application of terms and conditions raise important considerations for potential players.

Safety Index and Player Complaints Analysis Overview

Score: 6.1/10
Assessment: Based on comprehensive research and data, The Pokies Casino has been evaluated with a safety index that is considered below average. The terms and conditions are mostly deemed fair, and there are no significant listings on relevant casino blacklists. However, the average value of withheld winnings in player complaints, in relation to the casino's size, and other slightly negative factors, have impacted the Safety Index.

Critical Warnings and Factors

  • License Verification: The Pokies Casino lists a license on its website, yet verification attempts have been unsuccessful, suggesting potential issues with the authenticity of the license.
  • Unfair Terms and Conditions: Noted for forbidding certain betting patterns or strategies with bonus funds, this rule, however, has not yet been enforced against players.
  • Other Concerns: The casino operates with an unverifiable license and has been noted for slow or inadequate customer support.

Complaints Analysis

Complaints have been a vital aspect of understanding player experiences. Below are summaries of notable cases:

Locked Casino Account

  • Status: Waiting for Casino Guru to reply
  • Disputed Amount: A$1,000
  • Details: An Australian player's account was locked, and assistance is sought for resolution.

Cryptocurrency Transaction Issue

  • Status: Waiting for player to reply
  • Disputed Amount: A$47
  • Details: Deposit made through a cryptocurrency transaction did not reflect in the player's account balance.

Withdrawal and Deposit Delays

  • Status: Waiting for Casino Guru to reply
  • Disputed Amount: A$1,000
  • Details: A player from Australia faces delayed withdrawal and deposit not credited due to website issues.

Delayed Withdrawal Cases

Several cases highlighted delays in withdrawals, with disputed amounts ranging from A$300 to A$9,000. While some cases were closed due to lack of player response, one resolved case showed a player confirming receipt of their withdrawal after communication with the casino.

Unresolved High-Value Complaints

  • Disputed Amount: A$250 to A$33,000
  • Issues: Account deletion after winning, blocked account and winnings, balance disappearance.
  • Outcomes: These complaints remained unresolved, with insufficient evidence from the casino or no reaction from the regulator, highlighting significant player concerns regarding account management and withdrawal processes.

Our Thepokies 85 Casino Review

The online casino scene in Australia is more bright than ever, with ThePokies85 emerging as a significant player. With a diverse range of games and providers, this platform has attracted a varied audience, from casual players to high rollers. This review delves into the specifics of ThePokies 85, employing real player reviews, concrete facts, and numbers to provide a comprehensive overview.

Licensing and Security

ThePokies is registered under the laws of Curacao, although its license's validity, specifically Government of Curacao License (not confirmed), raises questions about its regulatory oversight. Despite this, the site claims to ensure player security with SSL Encryption, a standard protocol for safeguarding online transactions and user data.

Game Selection and Providers

With an expansive library of over 1700 games from leading providers like Aristocrat, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Yggdrasil, The Pokies offers a rich catalogue that caters to diverse tastes. Popular pokies such as "Big Bass Splash" and "Gates of Olympus" stand out, alongside categories like MEGAWAYS, SLOTS, and LIVE DEALERS, indicating a well-rounded selection.

Providers and Game Counts:

  • Pragmatic Play: 360 games
  • Wazdan: 195 games
  • Yggdrasil: 122 games
  • Netent: 160 games

User Experience

Feedback from Australian players underscores a mix of experiences. Positive remarks often highlight the site's variety and user-friendly interface. However, some users, like Mick from Perth, express frustration over navigation issues, stating, "Finding my favourite games can sometimes feel like a maze."

Bonuses and Promotions

The Pokies85 offers a comprehensive bonus system, including:

  • Welcome Bonus: 100% Match up to $500 + 100 Free Spins
  • Daily Bonuses: From "Magical Monday" to "Super Sunday," bonuses vary from 50% matches to 200% deposit bonuses.

Critics argue that while the bonuses are generous, the wagering requirements—30x the bonus amount—can be steep for casual players.

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

The platform supports a variety of payment methods, including VISA, MasterCard, and Cryptocurrency, with instant deposits and no fees. Withdrawal limits are set at a maximum of $9,000 per 24 hours, a point of praise among high rollers. However, some players have voiced concerns over withdrawal delays. For instance, Darren from Sydney reported, "It took almost 2 weeks for my winnings to land."

Customer Support

Support options include Live Chat, Email, and a Telegram group, offering multiple channels for assistance. Yet, the responsiveness and effectiveness of these channels receive mixed reviews. "I was left waiting for days for a response to my query," shared Jessica from Melbourne, highlighting a potential area for improvement.

VIP Program

The Pokies 85 introduces a tiered VIP program, from Copper to Rhodium levels, with rewards that can be converted to real currency. This system incentivizes long-term engagement but requires significant investment to reach the upper echelons, such as the Rhodium level, which offers a "Lamborghini Huracan" among its rewards.


Is Thepokies 85 licensed?

While The Pokies site claims to be licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority, we could not verify the legitimacy of this license, raising concerns about its authenticity.

What games are available?

The casino offers a variety of games, including slots, roulette, blackjack, live dealer games, and more, from 22 different game providers.

Are there any withdrawal limits?

Yes, players can withdraw up to A$9,000 per day and A$270,000 per month.

How does customer support handle this?

The casino's customer support appears to be a significant weakness, with many players reporting non-responsive live chat and difficulties in getting assistance.

Can I trust Thepokies85 with my money?

Given the inability to verify the casino's license and mixed player feedback, caution is advised. Players should weigh the reported experiences and potential risks before depositing funds.

Fast Facts

  • Established: 2020
  • Owner: The Pokies
  • Estimated Annual Revenues: > $20,000,000
  • Licensing Authorities: Curacao (CEG) - Unverifiable
  • Withdrawal Limits: A$9,000 per day / A$270,000 per month
  • Game Providers: 22 providers including NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play
  • Total Games: 15 types including slots, live games, and table games
  • TrustScore: 2 out of 5 based on 154 reviews

Final Rating

Given the mixed reviews, unverified license, and reported issues with customer support, we cautiously rate Thepokies85 Australia Casino at a 2.5 out of 5. The high withdrawal limits and diverse game selection are positives, but the potential risks associated with licensing and customer support cannot be overlooked. Players should approach with caution, considering the experiences of other Australian players before deciding to play.